Gavin McInnes

May 27, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Wallack's Art Supplies

part of a series on Freedom

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About the speaker

Often called “The godfather of hipsterdom” and the “primary architect of hipsterdom,” Ottawa’s enfant terrible Gavin McInnes created VICE in Montreal in 1994 and sold his shares in New York in 2008 shortly after a merger with Viacom. Upon leaving, he began a series of careers including: filmmaking, directing, acting, stand-up comedy, and TV development. During this time, he also co-founded an ad agency called Rooster NY where he presently serves as Creative Director. McInnes is currently best known for his viral videos including “How to Fight a Baby,” “Apple Scotland,” and “Are Women as Horny as Men?” He also writes a regular libertarian column for many sites including Thought Catalog, Takimag, and Daily Caller. He is a regular pundit on a number of Fox News shows including “Hannity,” “The Independents,” and “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.” His most recent books are “The Death of Cool” and “Street Boners” and his most recent films are “The Brotherhood of the Traveling Rants” and “How to be a Man.” He co-owns the Southern food restaurant The Cardinal with American Apparel’s Dov Charney and he lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with four Ho-Chunk Indians who are his wife and kids.

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